Mes Répertoires


Ballet, Literature, Culture, Travel, Fencing and Politics

In Taipei, I floated between the worlds of poetry and treaty; in Saint Petersburg, between aesthetical perfections and practical premeditations. Weekly visits to Mariinka are the most blessed wonders one can imagine. I advanced academic career in Göttingen, where essences of education are demonstrated through elaborate discussions with contrasting ideologies. In Uppsala, spirits of wisdom are transmitted through independent reflections. The oldest Scandinavian university town permeates not only scents of ancient archives, but also atmosphere of creativity and vitality. Libraries of Uppsala are the Elysium for knowledge seekers, and every visit is an Enlightenment. My inherent appetence for learning languages was well indulged by Swedish, after Mandarin, English, French, German, Russian, and Polish. In mesmerizing Strasbourg, the enchanted city interweaves with streets of knowledge. Every stroll brings delights from muse.

Grasping thoughts is like catching snowflakes: caution must be taken and no success guaranteed, but once a snowflake is willing to stay even just for a split second, the sensation remains for eternity. Let’s hope for as many snowflakes as possible then ; )


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